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So here we go, my travels finally brought me to the capital of the world, New York City. And on top of that it also happens to be that it’s fashion week right now.


This is the first part of my diary I’ll be doing over the next couple of days while I’m here, so to start with here are some street shots and the outfit that I was wearing running around Lincoln Center taking photos for, attending a Trina Turk show and accidentally bumping into James Chardon, a photographer I greatly admire.


For more little bits of my daily life (the photo with James Chardon) and some stories meeting other awesome people in NYC feel free to head over to my instagram account @lnthmr!

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A Cape Cod experience


Cape Cod Preppy Round Metal Outfit Blog


Cape Cod Preppy Round Metal Outfit Blog


Cape Cod Preppy Round Metal Outfit Blog


Hey! Yes, you’re seeing right, I’m back after a longer break caused by traveling, no internet and being sick! However, excuses over excuses, I’m really sorry that I kind of neglected actual blogging for that time and I hope I’ll be able to make it up to you guys with quite a few cool posts within the next weeks!

So let’s start with this: I was looking forward to a trip to Cape Cod for a long time now and finally managed to go for two days this week.

Honestly, Cape Cod is paradise for me, old houses directly at the sea, dunes, mild weather and a lot of preppy stuff. I could easily imagine having a small cottage there to spend the summers, have diner at lovely little restaurants in the towns with sea view and just explore all day taking pictures.

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